2013 Barrett-Jackson “The World’s Greatest Collector Car Auctions”




On September 26-28th, 2013, Las Vegas hosted its 6th annual Barrett Jackson The World’s Greatest Collector Car Auctions.  Held at The Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, it featured some of the world’s most desirable and collectable cars.

Although the official numbers aren’t in, an estimated 700 cars crossed the auction block, including The Select Series, comprised of a 1925 Rolls-Royce Phantom/Maharaja car, 1968 Ferrari 365 GT 2 Door Coupe, 1956 Mercedes-Benz Gullwing Coupe, 2005 Ford GT 2 Door Coupe, 1967 Ferrari 330 GTC 2 Door Coupe and 2006 Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren 2 Door.

In addition, there were 22 hours of live coverage on 3 networks:  FOX Sports 1, FOX Sports 2 and The National Geographic Channel.

On display were new sports cars featuring Lamborghinis, Porsches, Alfa Romeos, BMW’s, etc.  Pictured is my personal favorite, the 2014 Corvette Stingray C7, the 7th generation of the iconic Corvette.  In 1953, Chevrolet boasted that their newest model, the Corvette could go 0-60 MPH in just 11.5 seconds.  The C7 goes from 0-60 in 3.9 seconds and rockets to speeds in excess of 200 MPH.

Corvette has long had the reputation for being a car for old men; the c7 has been redesigned to hopefully appeal to the younger generations.  Although it retails at around $51,000, the first one produced sold at the Scottsdale auction in January for 1.1 million dollars.

Also pictured is my dad, standing in front of one of the hundreds of classic cars on display, a 1967 Chevy Chevelle, similar to a used Chevelle he bought in 1970 for less than $3000.  This one sold for $85,000!


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