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The Las Vegas heat creeps up on many unsuspecting visitors as early as spring. The only logical thing to do in this case is to hit the pools. But struggling to find a spot to put all your belongings can be such a hassle. On top of the inconvenience of walking around, the best spot you’ll find will be so far from the pool that relaxing is out of the question. So the solution is to get a cabana. Cabanas are a one-stop shop to relax and enjoy the Vegas heat right near the pool. Along with the cabana experience there are some great features such as private showers, HD Televisions, and even private spas. And just the sheer fact of having a private cabana strictly for your own party is great and can keep everyone entertained as well as organized. Here I will list out the Top Las Vegas Cabanas of 2016.

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Wynn and Encore Beach Club

wynn cabana

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This pool offered by the Wynn as well as the Encore, for those who don’t know are both owned and operated by Wynn. The pool is simply stunning and offers an avant-garde look. Featuring temperature controlled pools, Jacuzzi spas all encompassing a beautiful and lush garden. This pool is no slouch for having you feel like you are living in the lap of luxury. The key feature of this pool is the European style, or topless sunbathing which is great for avoiding tan lines this summer.

Best Cabana Features

  • Mini-fridge
  • Plasma TV
  • Chairs as well as sofas that are plush

Palms Place

palms place pool and cabana

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This cabana location is located on the 6th floor on top of the Palms Place Pool. The pool itself has a spa-inspired environment. That includes 50,000 square-feet of contemporary design. There are also waterfalls, stone gardens, a Jacuzzi, a stone fireplace, and tropical flowers according to Palm’s place that will “help you find your zen”. A very nice place to get away from the Vegas heat and catch some R&R.

Cabana Key Features:

  • 32” Flat screen television
  • Food from Simons of “Fresh Fare”
  • Personal cabana host
  • Plush and very comfortable sectional sofa
  • 2 reserved poolside lounge chairs
  • Bottle service
  • Multi-speed ceiling fan
  • Towels


Admission fee: $20 (unless hotel guest)

Beach club hours: Friday – Sunday, 11 am – 6 pm

Drai’s Beach & Café hours: Monday – Thursday, 11am – 6pm

Size: 35,000 Square Feet

Dress code: “Upscale fashionable beachwear required. No jeans, basketball shorts, boots, inappropriate athletic wear such as jerseys, speedos/thongs or printed shirts with offensive or aggressive graphics.”

Hotel guest perks: Complimentary access to beach club as well Drai’s Beach & Café

Total Rewards 7 Star & Diamond member perks: Priority line access which is complimentary, as well as a plus one guest. (This does not include admission)

The features:

  • 15 mezzanine level cabanas each equipped with HD television and private bathroom with showers
  • 10 lower bungalows each w/ HD televisions and private spas
  • 40 poolside daybeds
  • Central wet deck and perimeter seating
  • 8 luxury pools (2 main, 1 mezzanine, 5 bungalow)
  • 2 main bars
  • 10 35-foot-tall natural palm trees
  • Unobstructed sunlight and views
  • Outdoor DJ booth w/ oversized LED façade

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 Caesar’s: Garden of the Gods Pool Oasis

This pool lives up to its name length offering 7 sensational pools! The seven pool being: Temple, Neptune, Apollo, Jupiter, Fortuna, Bacchus, and Venus. These pools names deriving from Greek mythology only add to the overall façade of this whole enclosure, and that’s Godly luxury. How can you not feel like you are worth it by having so many options, and having no wrong option at all. Caesar’s did a good job at ensuring that there is something for anyone and everyone.

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Temple Pool:

temple pool caesars


This pool offers two cabanas and 17 day beds that surround the pool itself. It is very luxurious and offers a great look with great pillars and crystal clear water




Neptune Pool:

neptune pool

This pool is a very social one at that, and Caesar’s claims this is the social hub and a place to “splash among beautiful people”. This pool features 8 cabanas and 12 day beds




Apollo Pool:

apollo pool las vegas



This pool is based off of those who who want to get a good tan. Sunbathing is the game when it comes to this pool. This pool offers 5 cabanas and 4 day beds.



Jupiter Pool:

jupiter cabana las vegas

This pool is about privacy. Get away into this secluded pool which features 7 luxury cabanas.





Fortuna Pool:

 fortuna pool

This pool is themed around those who can’t get away from the gaming and have to take it with them into the pool. Offering black jack in the pool, there really is everything for everyone here.



Bacchus Pool:

bacchus pool


This pool is exclusive to invited guests as well as celebrities. There are 8 daybeds available as well as 8 cabanas. VIP is the keyword here, and everything about this pool is VIP.




Venus Pool:

venus pool

This pool of all the pools is the most exclusive as well as the most “well-appointed” according to Caesars. This pool is aged 21 and up because it offers a European atmosphere of topless sunbathing. There are many high-end amenities offered here such as sushi and crisp salads. The pool area is 10,000 square feet and hosts 14 cabanas, 16 day beds, and 10 couches according to Caesars. Also do keep in mind Ladies and Seven Stars total Rewards members always receive complimentary entrance. And Monday – Thursday entrance is free for any Caesars palace guests.

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