Cinemacon 2014 Las Vegas

Video – Reported by Teresa Graphos

Story Written by Chris Fones

At the risk of sounding cliché, the future of cinema is here today.   The concrete and ivory façade of Caesar’s Palace was transformed into a projector screen and we were able to see the latest technological advances this year at the annual Cinemacon Convention, April 24-27.

With such star studded attendance by celebs Dwayne Johnson, Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie and Cameron Diaz, to name just a few, the excitement of the show was palpable and it was hard to focus on the task at hand; to pursue the purpose of the convention, which is to network and promote the movie making and movie going experience, which was focused much more on new technology, such as an overwhelming new array of interactive and user-friendly closed-captioned devises, one of which was built into a pair of eye-glass lenses and the mind-blowing display of light and sound presented by Fivestone Studios, DWP and Barco, which dazzled the convention attendees and literally stopped traffic on Las Vegas Boulevard for 10 minutes.

To get an idea of the scope of the architectural projection presented by Fivestone Studios, please click on the link below:


The movie going experience has changed and with theatres fighting for smaller profit margins every year, the industry has to offer more to appeal to audiences.  Elaborate marketing, concessions which have grown and evolved to cater to different appetites and 3-D and interactive technology, such as surround sound, moving seats and improved projection are some of the relatively recent changes in the industry and as Traylor Woodall, CEO and Founder of Fivestone Studios stated in a recent interview, “…movie going isn’t just about movies and popcorn any more.”

Woodall said this year’s convention was a great success and Barco, their client for whom the projection on Caeasar’s palace was done, “…is very happy with the results.”

There were 8 projectors, supplied by Barco which uses Pandora’s Box, a media server, which is basically a big computer that delivers all the media content.  DWP’s role in this is to be what Woodall calls “…master projectionists who have warped the animated movie produced by Fivestone and made it fit the building perfectly,” working 6 weeks with a team of up to 8 full-time animators, they also did the full sound design and musical scoring.

This new technology may sound daunting to many, however, in terms of utilizing it in business, anyone who has a projector can use it and there is consumer level software available to the public.  “We’re doing some things literally,” said Woodall, “ where we’re going to hang a sheet in a friends back yard.”

The concept of immersive entertainment was seen in many of this year’s booths and movie going has definitely broken out of the celluloid and popcorn days.  Today’s theatre goer is drawn by a multi-billion dollar-a-year industry which utilizes everything in its ability to bring audiences to theatres, be it over the top concessions, extravagant advertising and immersive technologies, such as vibrating seats, 3D and 360 degree screens, which enhance the movie going experience and for the hearing-impaired, make the experience much more entertaining.

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