EVO 2013 (Las Vegas) – Day 1

Day one was very busy and showed a promising amount of spectators as well as players. This years location at the Paris Hotel and Casino was bigger and better than that of the Caesars Palace last year. Feeling the energy of the different competitors as well as the on-lookers was something different all together. Many of the top players were there such as Yipes, Combofiend, Justin Wong, Daigo, Gamerbee, Infiltration, Drew Grimey, MarlinPie, Infrit, Noah the Prodigy, and many other more.


Along with the players there were many new games to exhibit not released yet to the general public. Killer Instinct was featured on the not yet released Xbox One, along with many other “throwback” games. Many players were spending their time playing casual matches of fighting games, as well as the more adventurous players playing money matches. A very exciting site indeed, even until the wee hours players and spectators alike were there all night enjoying the event.

In conclusion, day 1. Better than expected.



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