EVO 2013 (Las Vegas) – Day 2

Day 2, as anticipated was way more “hype” due to Marvel being played. It was jam packed up until the final round which ended roughly around midnight. The spots used for pools were used as casual play after all the brackets were decided. Casual were played throughout the whole night with many games such as Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition, Super Smash Bros. Melee, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, etc. As expected the top 8 of marvel being some familiar and some new faces: Flocker, Justin Wong, HAZ Angelic, Cloud 805, Filipino Champ, ATK Zak, Ranmasama, and ChrisG

MarlinPie aka Yung Stunna.

MarlinPie aka Yung Stunna.

Along side players, today I met many spectators that traveled very far from their home countries to come to the biggest fighting game event of 2013. I met the team Peru as well as the team from Mexico. There were also many children here to get in on the fun, such as NoahTheProdigy for example. The kids are nothing to sleep on since their game is only getting started.

Day 3 will be very entertaining indeed.


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