EVO 2013 (Las Vegas) – Day 3


Let me start and say, it was VERY HYPE. If you put in a little extra money for the full experience (the blue pass) then you understand how great it was to be in the main event. On top of that if you have a media pass like I did, you get access to the front stage and to see everything up close and personal. Although all of the Grand Finals were very much good. The most exciting in my opinion were the Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 tournaments were Flocker won to Justin Wong by just a hair. And Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition, where Xian beat Takido in order to win. As well as CafeId|Knee winning Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Street Fighter X Tekken being won by Infiltration, Mortal Kombat being won by Crazy DJT 88, Super Smash Bros. Melee being won by Mango, Persona 4 won by Yume, and finally Injustice: Gods Among Us won by KDZ


Aside from the Alpha room, the Beta room was very much filled with people who wanted to see the stream live, many ask why go if you can watch it at home. But the real answer is its just better with real people who enjoy the game and you can cheer, cry, and boo all in person with other people. And on top of that the Killer Insticct booths as well as the casual games of Marvel, Street Fighter, etc were going on as well.


Also some new news according to Yoshinori Ono, concerning the new Ultra:Street Fighter 4, as well as the new 5 new characters being added to Street fighter 4 which includes: Poision, Hugo, Elena, and Relento. And the 5th is to be announced later this year according to Capcom, and it is confirmed according to Ono’s twitter saying it will not be Asura or Fat MegaMan. Yet the fans seemed disappointed that they did not hear the 5th character during EVO and had to wait.

All in all, EVO day 3 was the best of all the day since you get to see the best of the best compete as well as experience with other players. If you didn’t purchase a blue pass then I highly recommend next year to purchase one. The experience is too great to miss if fighting games are your forte.


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