EVO 2013 – Ultimate Gaming Tournament Event

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Shockingly, Evo 2013 is less than three weeks away! Last minute registrations continue to trickle in, but we have enough of an idea for attendance that we can finally publish the tournament schedule. Here are the broad strokes.

  • We will devote Sunday to the Finals in five games: SF4AE, UMvC3, Injustice, Smash, and KOF13. The final order and scheduling of the finals on Sunday is still being determined.
  • The Finals for ALL games will be streamed live and shown on-site on one of our two tournament stages.
  • We’re confident that this schedule is solid, but it may change ever so slightly based on our final attendance numbers.

Here are the gory details. There are only a few days left to signup for Evo, so if you’re attending be sure to sign up here! There will be no on-site tournament registration.


Do you need models for your booth at EVO 2013?