IBM Impact 2013

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Impact 2013 Programs, Tracks and Topics

Impact 2013 is designed for IT and business leaders who understand that to lead in today’s economy, outperforming organizations are especially focused on combining technology with the business to drive innovation and growth. They understand that to succeed – they have to leverage Mobile, Social, Cloud and Big Data and re-imagine their operations, their processes, and their technology.

Technology Program

The Technology Program at Impact 2013 will deliver client success stories, lectures, hands-on labs, Meet-the-Expert sessions and networking opportunities to help you build your expertise. To thrive in today’s business environment, companies need business and IT leaders who can drive dynamic change and are comfortable with business in constant motion. At Impact 2013, you can build your expertise on a wide range of topics, including mobile solutions, collaboration, big data insights, dynamic application infrastructure, expert integrated systems, cloud, SOA integration & governance, and business process and operational decision management.

Conference Track: Current Trends and Future Directions in Technology

  • Sub-tracks will include: Cloud, Big Data and Analytics, Social, Mobile, Security, and Integration

Conference Track: Application Infrastructure

  • Sub-tracks will include: WebSphere Application Server Infrastructure, CICS, Application Development, Cloud Computing, Platforms and Applications and Client Use Cases focus on Application Infrastructure in Action

Track: Mobile Enterprise

  • Sub-tracks will include: Mobile Application Development, Mobile BYOD Management and Security, Mobile Enterprise Strategy, Social-Mobile-Cloud (SoMoClo) and Commerce, Mobile Insights and Analytics, and Client Use Cases focused on Mobile in Action

Track: Expert Integrated Systems

  • Sub-tracks will include: PureApplication Systems, Patterns-Based Deployment Models, and Client Use Cases: EIS in Action

Track: Messaging, SOA Integration & Governance

  • Sub-tracks will include: Enterprise Integration & Gateways, Cloud Integration & API Management, SOA Principles and Practices, Messaging for Enterprise & Mobile, and Client Use Cases: SOA in Action

Track: BPM, Case & Operational Decision Management

  • Sub-tracks will include: Projects Approaches & Adoption, Process & Decision Technology Platforms, Extending Processes & Decisions to Systems of Record, Client Use Cases: BPM & ODM in Action

Track: Implementing Industry Solutions for Improved ROI

  • Sub-tracks will include: Industry-Specific Round Tables, Industry Design Patterns, and Hands on Build It Now sessions

Business Program

The Business Program will explore the keys to success for business in constant motion. Forward thinking Business and IT leaders will share their stories and insights on how to make the right changes to excel and address this complexity of today’s globally interconnected world. By sharing their expertise on how they are engaging clients and employees through social and mobile, how they are extending their infrastructure to broad networks of devices and instruments in the cloud to gain new sources of data-driven insight and by explaining how they transformed their applications to integrate seamlessly with new types of partners and innovators.

Conference Track: Real Trends or Buzzwords? What IT Can Really Do for Your Business

  • Sub-tracks include: Make Sense of Data Explosion, Turn Social Collaboration into Action, and What is Your Mobile Strategy?

Conference Track: Breakthrough Technologies Business Leaders Can’t Ignore

  • Sub-tracks include: Turn Customer Insight Into Real Time Actions, Speed the Delivery of New Technologies, Change the Economics of IT, and Key Choices for Your Digital Business Strategy

Conference Track: Industry Success Stories You Can’t Miss

  • Sub-tracks include: Industry Spotlights and The Industry Forum

Conference Track: Forward Thinking: Innovation, Leadership and Creativity

Popular Topics

Developer Unconference – The WebSphere Unconference at Impact 2013 offers developers and IT professionals the opportunity to submit and vote on the topics you want to discuss – – on-line and on-site. Network with your peers, share best practices and participate in thought provoking discussions on the issues that matter to you most.

Impact Social Playground – Located in the Solution Center, the Impact Social Playground is a networking hub and meeting place where you can interact with peers and hear experts discuss how they are retooling the way business is done in today’s mobile and social world.


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