Latin Auto Parts Expo – Panama 2014

Latin Auto Expo Panama 2014

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The Expo provides manufacturers and distributors direct access to the Latin American and Caribbean OEM, REPLACEMENT PARTS, AFTERMARKET PARTS, AUTOMOTIVE REMANUFACTURED PARTS, and TUNING markets in a warm and personal setting that forges long lasting commercial and personal relationships.

With its Duty Free Zone, Panama is a strategic location for the Expo. Panama has a stable democratic government that is business friendly and counts with a strong currency (us dollars are accepted). Panama is an international air and ocean hub enabling travelers and cargo to reach Latin America, the Caribbean and most of the globe.

The global motor vehicle aftermarket is estimated at approximately $395 billion. The Latin American and Caribbean markets have been growing at an impressive rate and the outlook is very positive for future increases in the new vehicle and aftermarket automotive parts industry.

The Latin America and Caribbean markets offer great business opportunities for the following products: air conditioning, automotive lighting, LED lighting, electrical systems and batteries, electronic, cooling systems, friction and brake systems, GPS systems, undercar, new and remanufactured replacement parts, HD sound and video systems, suspension and front end systems, engine and transmission parts, chemicals and chemical fluids, equipment and tools, diagnostic systems, hand tools, machine shop equipment, service and installation equipment, waxes and polishes, computer systems and software, paint and body and retail warehouse fixtures, high performance auto parts and enhancers.

We feel confident that the products and services that you will exhibit at the Latin Auto Parts Expo will hit their market target in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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