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To attempt to define the 2014 MAGIC Fashion Expo in a word, or possibly even a sentence, would defy logic. With over $200 million in orders written daily, it is the most important trade show for many in the fashion industry.  With over eight genres of the industry highlighted, including Project, the Tents, ENKVEGAS, Men’s MAGIC, Women’s MAGIC, Pool Trade Show and MVMNT, the event which took place August 8, 2014 is best described as, “…the largest global marketplace for contemporary men’s and women’s apparel, footwear, accessories and sourcing resources.”

We interviewed Carly Gardner of Jleer Jeans and she said that if you’re a start-up business trying to make it in today’s marketplace, you “…have to be at MAGIC. We’re locked in here because we started in 2012 and we want to get as much exposure as possible.” The Jleer booth had hired three models for the Expo and while they were chatting up the merchandise with potential clients, I asked her if they made a difference for their needs. She said the models were “…essential for their booth and Teresa and the staff/models of Modeling Stop LLC always take great care of them. I have to admit, while we talked, the models created a bottleneck in the aisle. She added, “They know the brands, interact well with potential clients and then there’s just the obvious fact that they attract attention to the booth.”

Eric Lynes, President of Biltmore Hats said the attendance at this year’s expo was a little lighter than last year. He said with a sly grin, every brand available put their best foot forward. He said it doesn’t matter if attendance is down, they have to be there to represent the specialty hat market. “MAGIC is the the quintessential gathering of the industry. If you are in the market you have to be here and if it’s new and fresh, it’s going to be here.” He added, “at Biltmore Hats, we’ve got a hat for every head”

MAGIC is going to return to Las Vegas on February 17-19, 2015.  Trade Show Info News will be there to observe the major players in the fashion industry…and maybe do a little shopping!

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