NAB 2014 Las Vegas – Exhibitor Coverage

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The 2014 NAB Show, National Association of Broadcasters, was held April 5-10, 2014 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.  With over 98,000 attendees and 1600 companies showcasing new technologies, the emphasis of this year’s show definitely geared toward high-tech capturing, storing and delivery systems, like Brightsign, LLC. whose 4K players were demonstrated at the show and it was revealed that its players will support MPEG, which enable high-quality streaming over the internet.

4K resolution is a generic term for display devices or content having horizontal resolution in the order of 4000 pixels, which is at least four times that of HD, and double the resolution.

The hype over 4K technology was being pumped and while there has been some debate over whether these standards would be taken from the film industry and applied to other media, such as news gathering and distribution, this year’s NAB show demonstrated that the debate is over and the industry is moving full-throttle past HD to 2K 4K, 6K and beyond.

Another technology which was demonstrated at the show was the vast array of new products in audio and radio station innovation.

ENCO Systems, one such company, which was kind enough to give us a video demonstration of their latest technology, which integrates the latest technologies into a user-friendly interface for use in radio broadcasting, had set up a DJ booth and broadcast a live on-air message about their latest product called D.A.D. or Digital Audio Delivery and exemplifies the trend of companies utilizing the most cutting edge technologies to deliver their content.

This year’s NAB show was a success and we can’t wait to see the new technologies promised for next year, April 11-16, 2015.

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