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The 2013 Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show kicked off November 5-8th in fabulous Las Vegas and there were over 2,400 specialty equipment manufacturers debuting their new products, more than 130,000 spectators, countless vehicles on display, including street rods, exotic imports, monster trucks, specialty cars, customs, motorcycles and more and like the show has continued to deliver since its inception in 1963, the show, “…attracts a world of attendees to view the most impressive collection of automotive creativity styling trends and performance advances gathered in one time,” states SEMA President and CEO, Chris Kersting.

Our beautiful Modeling Stop LLC spokesmodel Teresa interviewed Chris during what has become the annual “SEMA Cruise” and he stated that “…this is the big wind-up to our SEMA show.  People know that we have like 2,400 manufacturers in there with all this incredible innovative product.  These are the vehicles that they put them on, to show everybody what they’ve got and here they all come.  An hour’s parade of one-of-a-kind first time seen vehicles.”

We were challenged by our producer at the onset of the SEMA show to produce a video of the 10 hottest vehicles displayed at  the show and while this was difficult to do because there are so many diverse and highly stylized vehicles to choose from, we were able to make a choice, which is the 2013 Ford Raptor Custom Rescue Vehicle displayed by Atturo Tires and built by John Govenor.  This highly specialized vehicle features over 100,000 lumens of Walen Lights, Rogue Racing Bumpers and accessories, Super Wench, BMF Wheels and a stylized power step which allows easy access to the cab, sponsored by AMP Research.  The bed rack, a Bed-Slid 1000 Pro SE, possibly the coolest feature of this vehicle, allows access to the necessary life-saving supplies located in the front of the bed, simply by sliding it out (see video).  It carries the ARV fridge/freezer which cools to minus 20 degrees in 30 minutes, which designer Govenor says, “…keeps your drinks nice and cold,” a fact which is so necessary for the men and women who drive these rescue vehicles into scorching situations.

The highlight of this year’s SEMA show was the Ford Out Front “Need for Speed” demonstration which was available through the entire 4-day event.  You better plug your ears because the souped-up Ford Focus rally race cars sounded like Poprocks on steroids; you can feel them in your gut and chest cavity, so forget about the Superformance Cobra displaying its horsepower and when we were offered a ride in one of these racing vehicles, we go nervous but had to take them up on it.  Check out the clips of the author with professional rally driver Patrick Sandell in the accompanying video and you’ll see and hear what the hype is all about.

Sandell, who won the Junior World Rally Championship in 2006 pulled no punches and gave me the high-speed ride of my life including a controlled series of drifts, spins, fast starts and even a 20-foot jump, which left my heart in my throat and was just one of the events which made the 2013 SEMA show one of the largest trade shows Las Vegas has seen.

We’ll see you next year and hold on tight!



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