Wireless Symposium & WiExpo

Wireless Symposium 2015

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Las Vegas – January 4 – 6, 2015

Experience two events in one, bringing you the latest in rural wireless and consumer electronic innovations.

For the second year, the Wireless Symposium will be colocated with the 2015 International CES®, where you will get a glimpse of technologies of the future.

The Wireless Symposium & WiExpo is where operators, vendors, developers and manufacturers meet to strategize how to provide quality, affordable service to their customers. Industry leaders will address the unique challenges facing rural carriers and share their knowledge of what it takes to implement mobile applications and generate revenue to keep their business competitive.

In order to stay ahead of the game, now is the time to:

  • Build a smarter network.
  • Build profits by meeting customer demand.
  • Build a wireless infrastructure of the future.

Discover what it takes to evolve your network by joining your peers and industry leaders in Las Vegas.

Wireless Symposium and WIExpo Exhibitors

(All WiExpo events takes place at the Tropicana. WiExpo is a separate event from CES.)

Venue: Tropicana Las Vegas

            Las Vegas, Nevada

Agenda: Registration Hours

Sunday, January 4    Noon – 5:00 pm   

Monday, January 5    7:00 am – 5:00 pm

Tuesday, January 6   7:30 am – Noon (Wireless Symposium adjourns. Enjoy CES)

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